Spirituality is not about escaping the body, it is about embracing our total reality and know ourselves fully

 Consciousness in motion

There is a vital existential and spiritual dimension to ourselves that is rarely seen and largely goes untouched

Spirit body (Latin, spiritus, breath, life, soul, mind): The primary objective is to introduce you to all aspects of yourself, making sense of the human aura (energy bodies) and interconnectedness to our 'Higher Self' and 'Source,' i.e. Oneness with all of creation, of which we are apart.. 

The spirit is the eternal essence that is connected to the divine source and carries our spiritual truths, purpose, gifts and related psychic abilities that we forget when we incarnate into our physical bodies. We came here on a journey, to experience, learn lessons, and to achieve a higher state of being - love, empathy and compassion, before returning back to source when we die, our spiritual essence returns, and our physical body is no more. But we don't die (only the physical matter of our bodies) as energy changes from one form to another. Energy never, or indeed ceases to be, nor is it created. It has no beginning or end. 

Higher spiritual dimension connection

Our soul is part of us (and completely separate from the brain and the body) and is affected by anything and effects everything. It is interconnected with our spirit and is a permanent channel of communication. The deep sensing of our individualized projections of consciousness and physical existence. Its job is to hold a record of your experiences and ensure you learn all of life's lessons. It is immune to criticism and, at the same time, feels superior to no one, as it recognizes everyone is the same, but in different disguises and image. 

Spirituality is about knowing more than just your physical body

Spirituality (nothing to do with religious practices) is is about getting to know about who you "truly" are (the instant the ego surrenders). However, most people will only understand and value their true spiritual natures when it becomes practical to do so; bereavement, loss, ill-health, redundancy, relationship breakdown and time to ourselves.

When we let go of what we're not, we become who we "truly" are

If you're ego is entirely based on the job you once held and this required you to masquerade as this person you thought you needed to be to fit in with the culture you may feel bereft, (same goes for relationship's) - if its not the "true" you, then who are you? This is probably something you may encounter - 'life happens,' and we look outside ourselves for meaning.

To 'quote' Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung-

"Most of the people I see suffer not from physical illness, but from spiritual aimlessness. They have lost their AIM. They have lost sight of who they really are and of what is Really Valuable!" 

Choosing your destination and purpose in life 

Awakening, is  the removal of the veils of illusion, and the deepest level of healing. We no longer look outside of ourselves for approval. Self understanding is the prelude to transformation and that includes our souls calling - when we connect we become our own internal reference point, our own observer (consciousness) expressing itself - our truth. No more focusing on trivia and searching for that missing link - the destination is actually to be found within.

Explorations and reflections: 

Ancient Teachings

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