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                                                      Before the mechanistic revolution, there were three levels of explanation: bodies, souls and spirits. Bodies and souls were part of nature. Spirits were non-material but interacted with embodied beings through their souls. The human spirit, or 'rational soul' according to Christian theology, was potentially open to Spirit of God." - Rupert Sheldrake, Author of 'The Science Delusion.' 

Everything exists in a state of vibration

'Almost all phenomena we see are governed by a single force, other than gravity: the force that today we call electromagnetism. It is this force which holds together matter that forms solid bodies; holds together atoms in molecules and electrons in atoms. It is this force which operates in the neurons of our brain and governs our processing of information on the world we perceive and the way we think. Reality Is Not What it seems - The Journey to Quantum Gravity." Carlo Rovelli

The multilevel energy field of the body has no boundaries

The subtle 'life-force' energy that surrounds and pervades our physical body is an important factor in the healthy functioning of our biological organs and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. What you see with your physical eyes is only a minuscule fraction of what we term reality. In the 'Ancient Books of Knowledge' it is said by the Sages that our human form is reliant upon several levels (bodies) of vibratory energy. Apparently, there're more, but let's stick with seven to help aid understanding (including mine!).

Layers of energy that surround the human body

Let me give you an example:

Have you ever walked into a room and picked up on the vibes? People and places too? That's the outer energy field you're experiencing (Auric fields are graduating layers of light that manage energy outside of the body). Same goes for when someone gets too close to us (unless invited) we feel uncomfortable, they're in our space. We have all experienced to some degree, but probably have never questioned. And, I'm pretty sure you've also experienced really feeling "in-tune" with a particular person, i.e. resonated - meaning you're on the same 'wave-length' and frequency.

We tend to reject anything that does not fit our current inner paradigm

Our belief system is derived from what we believe to be true. Our database of life's experiences which accumulates starting from the day we're born, soaking up information and experiences via our bodily senses. When we reach adulthood, anything that doesn't fit our sense of reality and comprehension maybe considered to be far-fetched, unbelievable, made up, propaganda or stupid.

if we're not 'open-minded' or haven't been exposed to influences outside of the conventional mainstream education, belief system or our internal lifetime experiences database it can't be true and we dismiss it. If I were to tell you that aliens, spirits, ghosts and the like do exist, and I'd seen a few, you'd probably think me bonkers (unless you had witnessed similar) because you've never seen any. Even if when shown you'd probably discard it. This is one of the traps of the mind. We tend to reject anything that does not fit our 'map of reality' and are own current paradigm, i.e. belief system. 

"The world is full of people who have never, since childhood, met an open doorway with an open mind." - E.B. White

This information is only for those who are ready to open the door and walk through.

 Are you ready to go down the "Rabbit Hole?"

Mind Matter aspects of 'Self' is where Science and Spirituality Merge