Every cell in our body vibrates and resonates on a particular frequency and attuned to receive light and sound waves

How well do you 'Think' you know yourself explores another reality of a different kind

Most people may not be conscious of how their emotional and mental 'thought' patterns, interacts with our immediate and surrounding environment. You may be surprised to know that thought influences matter and many common stress related health problems relate to energy imbalances. If you focus on what you "fear" for a prolonged period (varies with everyone) your body becomes encoded with the vibration of your 'Mind' and will eventually prompt feelings of dis-ease (not feeling at ease with yourself). Occasionally, we may go onto experience problems which causes the electromagnetic fields of the body to become unstable, erratic and engage the whole body; thereby creating a domino effect. 

We tend to reject anything that does not fit our current paradigm and even when shown added information we tend to discard - this is one of the traps of the Mind. The truth behind the veil will require you to make a big conscious leap and decision to explore the unseen to gain a new perspective: but only if you are ready to open the door into another reality (most of which is invisible) of a different kind. It is only by removing the "veils of illusion" we gain another level of perception. 

"The world is full of people who have never, since childhood, met an open doorway with an open mind." - E.B. White

Science philosopher Dr Karl Popper (1902-94) had a famous maxim:

"If a thesis adds to or answers questions arising from old paradigms, or it cannot be 'falsified' or proven wrong, then it is thereby validated, it clarifies and answers questions that arise from our existing knowledge bases."