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                                                      Before the mechanistic revolution, there were three levels of explanation: bodies, souls and spirits. Bodies and souls were part of nature. Spirits were non-material but interacted with embodied beings through their souls. The human spirit, or 'rational soul' according to Christian theology, was potentially open to Spirit of God." - Rupert Sheldrake, Author of 'The Science Delusion.' 

The Holy Trinity' - Light, Sound and Form experiencing itself (you and me!) 

We tend to reject anything that does not fit our current inner paradigm

If I were to tell you that I see energy around people and so too in the environment, your body is a holograph, aliens, spirits, ghosts and the likes do exist, and I'd seen a few, you'd probably think me bonkers (unless you had witnessed similar), because you've never witnessed. Even if when shown you'd probably discard.  This is one of the traps of the mind. We tend to reject anything that does not fit our 'map of reality' and are own current paradigm, i.e. belief system. 

The problem today, is whether you can begin to accept and actualize the existence of all possibilities (mentioned above) is part of creation without proof it exists.  

Science philosopher Dr Karl Popper (1902-94) had a famous maxim:

"If a thesis adds to or answers questions arising from old paradigms, or if it cannot be 'falsified' or proven wrong, then it is thereby validated, it clarifies and answers questions that arise from our existing knowledge bases."

"The world is full of people who have never, since childhood, met an open doorway with an open mind." - E.B. White

How well do you really truly think you know yourself?  

Are you ready to open the door and journey down the "Rabbit Hole?" The qualities that will enable you to get the most out of this information is to keep an open mind, be curious, and suspend judgment while you do so.

Mind Matter aspects of 'Self' is where Science and Spirituality Merge