"All physical matter is bipolar, held together by unseen fields of energy - the matrix of 'life-energy', frequency and vibration. 

"Matter without Spirit is a Corpse. Spirit without Matter is a Ghost" 

Marion Woodman 

Transcending separation and seeing the unseen 

Albeit our physical body appears solid, its most definitely not, what you are looking at in and behind this text surrounding my body is energy. Even the apparent solidity of particles in the atom's nucleus is an illusion. Einstein proved that matter is condensed energy (our body is 70% water), and the atoms that make up our perception of solidity is entirely space, common with other biological systems such as animals, birds, trees and plants. 

Each human being is a complex array of consciousness, holding together an energy system that absorbs and emits 'light' - energy, frequency, and vibration

All that can be seen with the human eye is a projection from the brain, a perceived reality

Downloading Information:

Our conscious and unconscious self-transmits and receives resonant communication with the universe on 'all' the universal planes (including higher invisible non-electromagnetic dimensions). The eyes do not see the brain does. The human brain has several modes of sensory perception of different vibratory ranges and picks up these frequencies that are constantly interacting with our biological system. However, it is true to say, that when you look at a person, you only see the physical body. Inside everyone is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. 

Everything in the world functions at an optimal frequency and has its own unique harmonious sound, including you and me. Our body, mind and immune system changes with each emotional thought picked up translated and transmitted by the brain (the control tower).

The emotional and mental waves are compression waves that travel faster than the speed of light and are not bound by our bodies' electromagnetic vibration but on higher planes of existence. 

Nothing (including us) is solid at all, we live in an energetic bio-electrical soup, which comes in many colours, sounds, and flavours. This may sound unbelievable to your conscious mind, but it is true - what metaphysics and ancient teachings have known for years. All physical matter is bipolar, held together by unseen fields of energy.

Sound is a frequency that generates energy and energy generates light waves that generates form 


Mind Matter aspects of 'Self' is where Science and Spirituality Merge'