The eye of the beholder

You have all the resources you need within 

Hi there,

My name is Denise Gerrard, based in the UK, and I've recently come out, 'so to speak,' in order to share and pass on insights to those who seek to better understand who they "truly" are. Bear with me, let me explain what I mean by the aforesaid statement:

Bringing up a family and working full-time kept me busy and, I didn't have the time or inclination to pursue my esoteric interests that I had kept hidden for fear of being seen as weird (No change there then). 

A bit about my background

Predominately, my background consisted of product management: hard and soft system new product/service development, project management, change management and more, but I won't bore you, if you'd like more information, you can check out my professional profile on LinkedIn (Membership required). 

Years spent seeking the confirmable truth 

When I left full time employment and became self-employed,  I found time to delve, research, train and explore the mind-body-spirit connection - gaining an understanding (my perspective) into the scientific aspects of energy (I'm not an expert in anything, I'm just curious) looking for answers to a lifetime of unexplained strange phenomena that mainstream teachings alone couldn't satisfy - Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) in nature, namely - what I see, hear, and sense, together with, unexplainable feelings of just knowing when something wasn't quite right, or purported to be (Intention is Everything - deception masquerading as truth). 

Back then, I instinctively knew, but I couldn't explain how or why I did. I needed to prove to myself, more than anything, what I experience isn't just my head and imagination. Glad to say, its not, but I needed proof (some of which lies heron-in). And, having a better understanding of human behavior (including mine) and 'why we (and others) do what we do'. 

Strange but true

The more I sought answers, the more I found, leading me deeper and deeper down the "Rabbit hole" and, a lot more than I had originally bargained for. In particular, reinforcing the phenomena I had experienced (and still do) from childhood is real and evidence based where possible, my emphasis being to incorporate everything rather than rejecting any one aspect of reality in favor of another, i.e. stuck in a particular discipline or teaching, until I found the answers and some of the missing pieces. A magical journey of understanding and self discovery that is far from complete. 

So What?

Looking for answers, I found there to be many different avenues one can take and variety of emotional, cognitive, physiological, spiritual and psychic tools and techniques to choose from - they are all separate in different ways, but if you can find ways to integrate them - then ultimately, that is going to be the most useful. 


  • Neuro Linguistic Programming  - International Teaching Seminars -  
  • Group Dynamics & Non-Verbal Body Language - Michael Grinder & Associates (people act differently in groups - group think - followers)
  • National Federation of Spiritual Healers NFSH  The Healing Trust 
  • Physic Intuitive - Not officially certified  - albeit, some may think otherwise!

The context and information provided is based on my own personal experiences, research, training, explorations and perspective, having reflected on the cause and effect of my own physical health and well-being. What I know to be true now, that I didn't know back then, by joining all the dots. 

We are all on our own journey, so its not one size fits all. You have the 'life-force' and resources within, I just flick on the lights! It's my way of giving back and being a service by sharing information that I think may also be of benefit to others. 

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." - Nikola Tesla

Mind Matter aspects of 'Self' is where Science and Spirituality Merge