'Knowing me knowing you'

 And the Elusive Metaphysical Bridge between Science, Ancient Teachings and the Supernatural Self

Mind Matter aspects of 'Self' is where Science and Spirituality Merge 

Each human being is a complex energy system that processes different types of consciousness that we generate via our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual thoughts and feelings which determines much of what we attract and receive. In many ways, we are our energy fields and 'like' attracts 'like.' This may sound unbelievable to your conscious mind, but its true, and you experience it, but at the same time, probably never give it a second thought. 

How you think and feel creates your life

Most of us are not consciously aware of how our thoughts, feelings, emotional and spiritual interactions operate outside of our body's sensory perception. The information presented heron-in, is an attempt to weave spirit, mind and body back into its original wholeness, crossing a bridge between our inner and outer worlds that may challenge your own in-built 'map of reality.' But that'll be for you to decide. 

'I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.' 

Albert Einstein 

Mind Matter aspects of 'Self' is where Science and Spirituality Merge